Gold Open Access for Learned Societies?

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These resources have been developed to help learned societies review options and take decisions about Gold Open Access publishing. You can navigate them by clicking on the relevant resource in the simple flowchart below. You can also find out more about the resources and the process:

Simple flowchart view of transition to Gold Open Access

R2 About these resources R4 Conducting a lightweight review R5 Is ignoring Open Access an option? R6 Reviewing current arrangements and relationships R7 Financial modelling tools R8 Background information to inform planning R9 Managing relationships with publishers R10 Communications strategy R11 Open Access metrics Image Map

The resources in the flowchart are also supplemented by:

There is a text table of contents of all resources and a pdf file of the entire suite of resources for those without a reliable network connection.

These resources were commissioned by the Open Access Implementation Group to guide learned societies through the possibilities and challenges of deciding whether to embrace Gold Open Access according to the policy emerging from publication of the Finch Report, by the UK Government’s 16 July 2012 endorsement of the recommendations of the “Finch Report” and by the policy published by the UK Research Councils on 17 July 2012 and updated on 6th March 2013.


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